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A Guide to Comprehensive Physician Targeting

Isabel Wellbery
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Defining your target physician is a crucial step for every commercial leader in the MedTech industry. Not only does clear targeting save your team the time and effort of chasing the unqualified prospects, but it also ensures that your team is working efficiently and with clear prioritization. MedTech companies that underinvest in defining their physician targeting are unnecessarily giving their competitors a chance to seize a greater market share. This comprehensive guide provides an overview of how you can structure your physician targeting, the questions you might ask yourself, and how to utilize the Alpha Sophia platform effectively. You will be impressed at how quickly you can generate a sophisticated lead list and a clear action plan.

Start by reflecting on your product

The first step in identifying the right physicians to buy your MedTech innovation is to thoroughly understand your product. You should ask yourself the following questions:

By the end of this exercise, you can create a bespoke lead list of physicians on the Alpha Sophia platform who would benefit from your product based on multiple dimensions.

Cut up the geography

Now that you have identified the physicians relevant to your product, it is time to define your geographical target market. By selecting your (initial) geographical target market wisely, you can narrow down your list of physicians and direct your sales team more effectively. Alpha Sophia’s map and territory management features make it easy to answer the following questions:

By the end of this exercise, you should have a better understanding of which region to target first based on the volume of relevant procedures and number of relevant specialized physicians.

Think about your ideal physician persona

Once you have a great list of physicians who would benefit from your product, you need to identify strategic personas that you think will be likely adopters. Here, you can drill down further by using some of the Alpha Sophia’s filters. For example, you may ask:

By the end of this exercise, you will have a list of target physicians who are highly relevant in terms of their professional career and unique attributes, making them likely to be successfully engaged by your sales team.

Craft your personalized approach

Now, it is time to craft your personalized approach to each physician on the target list. You or your team can delve into the individual physician profiles on the Alpha Sophia platform to understand their professional history and attributes. For example:

By completing this final step, you will be equipping your sales team with powerful information that they can use to create personalized sales pitches for each and every physician on bespoke lead lists. Hence, the commercial team can allocate their resources effectively, to create overall “the biggest bang for their buck”.

Alpha Sophia provides a hassle-free solution to answer all of these questions and more, in just a few clicks. Our platform continuously updates data sources, ensuring that you always have an accurate picture of who to target. By investing time in building your ideal physician persona and target lead list on Alpha Sophia, you are positioning your team for success while minimizing risks and optimizing your resources. For more information on how Alpha Sophia can help you achieve your sales goals, reach out to us today.

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