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How Should Your Practice Approach Physician Recruitment?

Winston Li
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By the year 2026, a projected 6.5 million medical professionals will leave the field, whilst there will be only 1.9 million new professionals to replace them (Source). Physician recruitment today is harder than ever: whether it’s sourcing, screening, decision making, or credentialing, practices and firms find themselves going through this long-haul process in a hiring environment that is becoming ever scarcer and more competitive.

Let’s examine how your practice can systematically get the physician recruitment process jump started in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Identify your target candidate audience and specialties

When recruiting new physicians, of course you want somebody that matches your practice’s needs. Rather than try and get the masses to apply, modern recruitment strategies are more complex than ever. To have a successful campaign, your practice will need a strong search criterion that bleeds into its marketing materials and outreach strategies. These components can only come to fruition if your practice decides on a target candidate audience beforehand. In addition to specialty, by narrowing your target audience down to a specific age range, location, or alma mater, your practice will be able to target its marketing and courting efforts more deliberately.

Say your ophthalmology practice is located in the Los Angeles and is one of the many whose physicians are aging into retirement. You want to recruit younger and more local so as to retain talent. Your target audience could be 3rd year residents at UCLA who specialize in ophthalmology. With this information in mind, perhaps a relevant recruitment strategy could be building a snazzy presence on social media, conducting coffee chats in the area, and leveraging the network of the current physicians at your practice.

Step 2: Source your candidates

After you have your target candidate audience in mind, sourcing is the next hurdle. According to the AAPPR, sourcing is one of the largest internal barriers for all healthcare recruiters, and in fact, for practices with <300 providers, it stands as the largest internal barrier. Gone are the days of newspaper and radio ads, modern recruitment standards dictate that you have 3 options when it comes to sourcing.

Option 1: Personal and practice-wide network

Option 2: Recruiting agencies

Option 3: Healthcare provider databases

Step 3: Qualifying your candidates

After identifying your target candidate audience and sourcing exactly who that is, comes the task of qualifying them. The process of candidate qualification is where your practice’s own judgement comes into play. As a baseline, you want to make sure your candidate has the certifications and can acquire the licenses required to work at your practice. In addition, you might want to view metrics about procedure volume, procedure type, and what tools and machines they are proficient in using. If your practice does decide to go down the path of using an HCP database, tools like Alpha Sophia will have these datapoints readily available at first glance.

Just like that, you’ve slimmed down the whole universe of medical professionals to just a list of high-quality candidates you want to recruit. The next step is to reach out to your list of qualified candidates whether it be through personal contact info from your own network, an arrangement provided by your recruitment agency, or an email you find on an HCP database. Physician recruiting is a grueling process, but by following these steps: identifying your target candidate audience, sourcing your candidates, and then qualifying them, you’ll ensure your practice has the necessary structure to get its recruitment campaign started.

How to use Alpha Sophia to recruit your dream physicians

Your firm runs a handful of ophthalmology practices in Los Angeles, and you get word that a couple of your physicians are planning on retiring in the next 2 to 3 years. To plan ahead, you begin the challenge of finding their replacements today. You’re looking for ophthalmologists that already have some experience—but aren’t too old—and you also understand that the physician community does not like relocating, so you want to find ophthalmologists that are already in LA.

First, you can use Alpha Sophia’sPractice Location” filter to restrict your search to just Los Angeles

See the practice location on Alpha Sophia

Now, you’ll have a vast list of every physician in Los Angeles, let’s narrow it down to just Ophthalmologists now. You can use the “Taxonomy” filter to slice your list down to ophthalmologists in LA.

See the taxonomy on Alpha Sophia

Next, let’s set our target age group. Let’s use the “Seniority” filter to now narrow our list down to just ophthalmologists in LA who graduated 5-10 years ago.

See the seniority on Alpha Sophia

Great, we have a list of just young ophthalmologists in LA. Now, say your practice has been quite satisfied with its previous Geffen (UCLA) Med School graduates, and would prefer to recruit from there. You can use the “Education” filter.

See the education on Alpha Sophia

Lastly, you realize that one of your physicians who is retiring was the best physician at performing a complex repair of detached retinas, so ideally you need a replacement. Alpha Sophia can filter down by CPT code as well. Use the “Procedure All-payor” filter and find physicians that perform 67113s.

See the procedure codes on Alpha Sophia

Now, just rank your results by procedure volume to see who performs the most 67113s.

See results on Alpha Sophia

Voila! Using just a few of the many filters that Alpha Sophia offers, you’ve found a comprehensive list of physicians that meet your practice’s recruiting preferences for age, location, taxonomy, education, and even specific procedure type. You can now look into their profiles and reach out to them via an email or phone number that can be found in the person’s “Contact” section.

Don’t forget to come back to see how you can perform deep due diligence and qualification on these candidates using the Alpha Sophia platform!

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