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Episode #4: Transforming Non-Invasive Diagnostics with Leo Trautwein of Know Labs

Leo Trautwein with Paul-Lukas Hoffschmidt
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The Alpha Sophia Spotlight podcast dives deep into the cutting-edge of MedTech innovations and commercial trends. Join your host, Paul-Lukas Hoffschmidt, founder and CEO of Alpha Sophia, as he explores the fascinating world of MedTech startups and SMBs.

In this episode, we are joined by Leo Trautwein, an executive with over 20 years of leadership experience across several high-profile companies. Leo’s contributions were instrumental during Rivian Automotive’s early stages and he revamped e-commerce strategies at Vista Outdoor and Jarden Corporation. Now, as Chief Commercial Officer at Know Labs, he leads the launch of a pioneering non-invasive glucose monitoring device. Tune in to hear Leo share his vast expertise and discuss the latest in health technology innovation.

Know Labs is revolutionizing non-invasive medical diagnostics with its proprietary technology platform that uses radio frequency dielectric spectroscopy. This adaptable technology powers their first product, the KnowU, a non-invasive continuous blood glucose monitoring device. KnowU offers real-time glucose level tracking, fundamentally changing diabetes management for billions affected worldwide.

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