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Episode #7: Roadmap to MedTech Commercialization with Daniel Young of Digital Health Works

Daniel Young with Paul-Lukas Hoffschmidt
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The Alpha Sophia Spotlight podcast dives deep into the cutting-edge of MedTech innovations and commercial trends. Join your host, Paul-Lukas Hoffschmidt, founder and CEO of Alpha Sophia, as he explores the fascinating world of MedTech startups and SMBs.

In this episode, we are joined by Daniel Young, who is a health-tech entrepreneur with 18 years of experience in product and venture development. He focuses on AI/ML and hardware-based digital health applications, advising on product readiness, regulatory strategies, revenue generation, and go-to-market plans. He is the founder of Digital Health Works and Bold Works, working with startups and corporations to commercialize digital health innovations. Daniel also mentors in startup accelerator programs in the US and Germany.

Digital Health Works is a Boston-based health-tech commercialization agency. Founded by Daniel Young, the company assists digital health and life sciences startups and corporations with product readiness, regulatory compliance, revenue strategies, and go-to-market planning. The agency specializes in AI/ML and hardware-based digital health applications, guiding clients through the commercialization process to ensure market success.

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