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Episode #8: Next Generation Knee Implants with Max Munford of OSSTEC

Max Munford with Paul-Lukas Hoffschmidt
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The Alpha Sophia Spotlight podcast dives deep into the cutting-edge of MedTech innovations and commercial trends. Join your host, Paul-Lukas Hoffschmidt, founder and CEO of Alpha Sophia, as he explores the fascinating world of MedTech startups and SMBs.

In this episode, we are joined by Max Munford. Max is the CEO and Founder of OSSTEC, a company developing biomimetic orthopaedic implants based on 10 years of research at Imperial College London. Their approach enables them to uniquely 3D print articulating surfaces and optimised bone fixing surfaces. OSSTEC’s technology and early products are ideally aligned with key market trends, such as increasing demand and procedure volume, decreasing implant price points and the rise of ASC procedure locations.

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