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How to go to market effectively with Paul-Lukas Hoffschmidt and Isabel Wellbery

Paul-Lukas Hoffschmidt, Isabel Welbery Digital Thoughts Podcast with Zain Syed, PharmD
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The Digital Thoughts Podcast, presented by Zain Syed, PharmD, offers a deep dive into the creation of superior healthtech products. With a decade of experience in healthcare, Zain brings his expertise in health systems, specializing in oncology and pain management, to the fore. His diverse background spans Infusion, Clinic, Inpatient, Outpatient, and Investigational Drug Services.

In the current episode, Zain welcomes Paul-Lukas Hoffschmidt, our Founder and CEO, and Isabel Wellbery, our Founder and CCO, for a discussion on several key topics:

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